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25+ Best Free Social Media Icons and Buttons sets 2016

The huge list is here and this is all about free social media icons for your websites or you can use it just as a collectors pack of icons to add to your existing collections. We have been busy collecting over 100+ icons to add to this list which looks good and also suits best for a website theme. The quality was taken into consideration and you can see that almost 95% of icons here will be psd or in ai, eps format which will provide high quality output.

You can check every one of these icons to match your design project until one suits you the best. Light theme websites will be completely benefited with this list as most of them will suit right away with the theme without much alterations.  Premium themes will come packed with a good set of social media icons which you can use right away but it might not interest many of us.

The download button will take you to the source page where you  can download it safely and will make you aware of the attributions for each set since we credit the author’s work and you have the right to know the real designers. Many websites are masking the designer effort by providing direct download links from their own website. Freebies are like a give and take policy you give credit to the designer and you will get more cool freebies from them along with free support.

These free social media icons can be used for linking and showcasing your website fan page running in a relative social media network. Other than that i find it hard to see where these can be used. Oh yes applications, games really showcase their fan-pages in the app either its for the mobile app or tablet. Social sharing is given high priority by major search engines so you must start becoming social with your clients, visitors through regular interaction. Website with high bookmarks in social media will rank better these days if the bookmarks are real, that is. We have covered almost all cool icons from this year 2015 and 2016 and also from the last year. This list will be updated with new icons everyday, so stay tuned.

Removed all old icons from this list.

Find even more from this specific topics

Sidebar placements are the most popular choice among bloggers to catch user attention as it is sitewide and promises attractive design, visibility. While sidebar position is either on the left or right side of the content, the icons must be links to your social media page.  So it is not optimal to place icons which have sharing design as the sidebar is better for only linking to the fan page. Below are icons which actually suits this purpose and can be placed in sidebar, footer etc.

Social flat icons set

A collection of 54 icons for nine major social networks you might use for any purpose. This freebie is designed by  Christophe Kerebel and made free to download.

Format: AI, eps, pdf, svg, Sketch


social flat icons for free download

50 Flat social media icons(Sketch & Illustrator)

A free design by Alexis Doreau which contains a set of 50 free icons with png exports of multiple resolution’s including 24, 48,  96, 144px. The download also contains illustrator ai file for maximum output for your design. All major social networks including whatsapp, messenger, instagram etc can be found.

Format: AI, eps, pdf, png, svg, Sketch

Crafted: Sep 2015


social media icons in vector ,png

56 Hand Drawn social icons

A vector set of 56 icons which are hand crafted for your modern website which requires a change over boring flat icon designs.

Format: eps, svg, pdf, png



Free Social Media Line Icon Set

A thin set of icons which is designed in Photoshop and is totally free for any use. This set covers over 28 social sites which you might be looking for. Grab this amazing line set for free.

Format: PSD


line set

Ultra Thin Social Media Icons

A collection of icons designed to create a stunning visual impression on your visitors. This thin set will look great on top navigation and footer menus.

Format: Psd, vector .ai, .eps, .svg formats




Circle & Round Social Media Icons

These slick icons are very cool when used in the top header navigation and also look good in the footer section of the website. Grab these free psd files which are vector layered for high resolution output in designs. Download free social media icon set made with Photoshop and illustrator available in png, vector, psd formats.



150 Circle Icons Pack

A set of icons for 20 bookmarking sites with over a variety of styles and around 150 icons to download. Grab this free icons pack for  any purpose of usage.



Flat Minimalistic Social Media Icons

With fat design being the color scheme of this decade you can see flat icons being designed by most designers. This looks great on use with single colored background.


Flat Minimalistic Social Icons

Hex Social Media Icons

A download set of hexagonal style icons and buttons for your website.


Hex Social Media Icons

Free Boxed Social Media Icons with Flat Design

This set has real box icon feel to it with sharp edges.




45 Subtle Social Media Icons

This freebie includes 45 pixel perfect subtle social media icons. You can edit each icon to your own colors and re-size them to your liking.


subtle social media icons


Free Minimalist Flat Design Social Media Icons

Jorge Calvo is a graphic and web designer with over ten years of experience and has designed many cool designs and provided theme for free as well. This set of icons is one such brilliance of Jorge with minimalist icons and flat design scheme.



Free Flat Social Media Icons

This is a collection of beautiful icons developed in the flat style. As you already know, we have issued several UI kits in the flat design style, namely Square UI.



Flat Social Media Icon Vector Pack

I made these flat basic icons for a personal project, and thought I’d share.



Free Colourful Flat Icons (PSD)

A beautiful collection of colourful icon set created based on the flat design trend. The icon set  includes some of the most recognizable companies including Google Chrome, Gmail, Skype, Dropbox and others.



28 Super Awesome Icons

The social icons above (28 icons in total) are available to download for free. The original PSD is included and all the icons are named and super easy to adjust/update.



IC Mini Social Icon Set

Today’s freebie is a Icon Set containing 18 icons in JPG, PNG and PSD format.



64 Mini Social Icons Set

All these icons come in PSD format and are all vector shapes. PNG (24 x 24 pixels) and CSH files .



Soft Social Icons Pack v1

Pack of 34 simple social icons in .png format. Available in 48×48 resoliution.



20 Social Media Icons

Some free social media icons, I hope you will like it!



Clear Rounds

Clear Rounds contain 14 PNG icons and one PSD file.  The PSD file is as always labeled and neatly organised.



Free Vector Polygon Social Media Icons

A brilliant set in vector format for free download and use. This free set contains icons for wordpress, vimeo, flickr, behance as well other than the regular social websites.


Polygon Social Media icons

Single color networking icons

A orange colored icon set foe social media networks.



IC Circle Social Icon Set

A set of 12 social icons with interesting real colors along with a grey color set will have you interested to use this psd, png file on your website.


IC Circle Social Icon Set

Social Circles


Socialcircles - Free social icons (circular)

Circle Social Icons Set


Circle Social Icons Set : 35 (More) Social Media Icons in PSD & PNG

Circle Bold Social Icons Set


Circle Bold Social Icons Set: 48 Social Media Icons in PSD

About Allie Kingsley

Allie Kingsley is a social media manager for designscrazed. She is crazy about new gadgets and up to date with latest technology trends. Use comments to notify any issues you are facing.


  1. That’s a beast of an article Allie, a lot of icons there! Haha.

    I have created my own set which is a twist on the traditional icon and also integrates a call-to-action. The reason for this is I believe most webmasters simply plonk their icons in their web design and leave it. Without actually making an effort to get people to click on their social profiles and engage with them. With a simple call-to-action small website owners can actually encourage engagement. They will be showing social icons anyway, why not maximise their effectiveness!

    • Chris, you make an excellent point and one that few are actually savvy to (for now) in this current day.

      Here is a powerful article on the topic that I came across last year. It forever changed my view regarding the use and placement of Social Media icons. Please leave us a link or contact me directly with some of your samples Chris, I would appreciate seeing your perspective. The below information is simply icing on the cake to one of the best icon lists I’ve seen thus far. Thank you Allie, great job!!


  2. Perfect Icons is also a great resource!


  3. These social media icons and buttons are enough to provide outstanding look to a blog and attract the attention of readers to share the post. I’ve downloaded all the icons and buttons in order to choose the best and add it to my blog posts. I would like to say thank you very much for these social media icons and buttons.

  4. Great collection Allie, but you may missed this cute free twitter icon: http://iconleak.com/works/free-twitter-icons . It’s super cuteeee icons for twitter.

  5. Wow. Impressive collection. If you don’t know how to code your own social media buttons, Nifty Buttons (http://www.niftybuttons.com) is a good resource.

  6. Hi “designscrazed” Nice Flat Icon Set Collaction Good Design
    Check My collection : http://bit.ly/1nVTzXH

  7. Hi it’s a nice article, can you add my icon set pleases ?

  8. Thank you SO much! :)

  9. Hello Allie,

    Probably the most complete list of social icon sets I have found on the internet so far ;-)

    Maybe you can add my too: http://www.piranjas.com.



  10. Great collection, one of the best I’ve ever found. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Phew, this is quite the exhaustive list… nice work!

  12. Thank you for this list. I’ve already been to about 5 other “lists” of social media icons and found nothing I like. I’ve downloaded about 15 icon sets from your article ^-^

  13. LOVE all the sets. One question though – Why on earth would you create them on one page in Photoshop? My fave set is useless to me. :( Vector format would have made my decade.

  14. Love the hex set, I just wish there was an Instagram icon in it.

  15. thanks for sharing

  16. the external logos are gud…….hmmmmmm….but they should have to be more attractive………but i like these ones also……

  17. So. Many. Icons.

    Can someone please put them all on http://www.niftybuttons.com so I don’t have to upload and create embed code.

  18. Shobhit Srivastava

    Great collection, loved it

    thanks for sharing

  19. Thanks a lot for sharing !

  20. Great collection! Please check my free social media icons set (map location style) – http://webrrr.com/freebies/free-social-media-icons-set-map-location-style/

  21. Thanks a lot for all this list! exactly what i need!

  22. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful icons. Another oure css designed social media icons for blogger or your website.

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