Wednesday , 14 October 2015

10 Best WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

Free Social content Locker plugin

Social content locking plugins can boost your social traffic and your website ranking to a new level. Google is favoring social signals to rank websites in SERPs these days so it will be wise to do anything that increases Facebook, Google, twitter,pinterest fans. For design site which share free resources they can opt for mutual benefit option like share to ... Read More »

21 Best Google Map Plugins for WordPress

Google maps plugin

Google Maps for WordPress are very useful these days usually in wordpress contact forms which showcase the correct location of the business or a place of interest. Modern plugins here require only location input to mark the point accurately as it will auto fetch the live map details from Google. Marking different locations on the map can be done easily with ... Read More »

17 Best Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing

Hand-drawn Type Artworks 2015 tutorials

In this post, I will discuss some of the best tutorials and techniques related to traditional drawing. It is a topic of deep interest for many artists, who are associated with different genres of traditional drawing. Examples attached here are based on beautiful, creative and inspiring manuals for you, to learn the basics of techniques related to traditional drawing. I ... Read More »

Location of WordPress Admin URL for Dashboard login

WordPress Admin URL for Dashboard

After WordPress installation you can access the dashboard page since WordPress shows you the path. Unless bookmarked, you will forget the location of login path easily. The default theme Twenty Eleven and Twenty Thirteen etc will have login url in the sidebar after the first installation. Once you switch the theme or modify the sidebar it will actually disappear so ... Read More »

32 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

WordPress Social Media Plugin

WordPress Social Media Plugins can be best used to gain potential visitors who come visit your website. Creative social sharing options found across your website will open the way to gain more potential visitors. Sidebar which pops out smoothly can be a top feature for your website which lets users to follow, like and plus one the website straight away. ... Read More »

10 Top Free and Premium WordPress Slider Plugins

wordpress slider plugins

Images can be very attractive in a website and without a perfect slider to showcase fullwidth or fixed images the homepage is completely lost. The sliders has been around for a while and it suits any type of websites as it also enables call to action from the slider itself. Sliders have come a long way since then and now they are fully responsive with minimal configuration ... Read More »

20+ Best Chrome Themes for your Browser

Lamborghini Cherry - chrome theme

Chrome has emerged as the top browser with its minimalist looks and fast loading capabilities. The fascinating latest updates have improved the look of this modern browser with increased security. Take a look at browser share in wikipedia where we can see Google chrome has worked very hard to get to this top stage. Once you have started using chrome ... Read More »

30 Best Firefox Themes 2015

best firefox themes

Skin and transform your Firefox browser with amazingly best Firefox themes released in 2013 and 2014. Choosing a personal favorite taste to reflect on your browser will keep hour long work period interesting and produce high output. Inspiring movies, anime, tv shows and its characters influence our life as we work hard to get to that point. Either its becoming ... Read More »

50+ Best Google Chrome Desktop Apps

google keep

Recent Google app update is impressive unlike extensions which require the browser to make the addon functional, these new desktop apps will stick in your taskbar as if it is an installed software. The app launcher in most cases will run the app without the help of the browser. Google invaded our life, deal with it there is no going back. ... Read More »

100+ Free Photoshop User Interface Design PSD UI kits

nerdial photoshop ui kit free

A complete pack of user interface elements for web design projects always interest designers. The UI kits has gained high popularity these days as they are centered around a specific design which a designer must be looking for. Meaning we dont have to look for buttons which should match sliders as all of them are integrated in one psd file ... Read More »